Jewelry Care

How to Care for Your Jewelry 

Danica Rose Jewelry is handmade and all our stones have the personal touch. Please handle all handmade jewelry gentle. Never crush, tug or drop in a tangle. Necklaces: To avoid tangles, as soon as you take your necklace off hang it or store half of it in a closed bag and then place the entire necklace in a larger bag, pouch or box. Earrings: Hoops should never be pinched or bent to avoid misshaping them. Store earrings in their original packaging or on an earring stand whenever possible to avoid tangles or bending. Please be sure to remove your jewelry before swimming in fresh, chlorinated or salt water. Some gemstones are highly sensitive and even precious metals can oxidize.


Please note: some of our stones such as freshwater pearls are all natural, each pearl is individually unique in size, shape, and shade. We try our best to be consistent as possible to give you the best quality.



  1. Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. 
  2. Be careful with heat. Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may also fracture some gems. 
  3. When you’re not wearing your pieces, safely store your jewelry. Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal.
  4. Take the jewelry off when sleeping. 
  5. Clean your jewelry. Invest in a jewelry cleaning solution and polishing cloth to clean your jewels. Jewelry that are worn often should be clean often. 

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